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Major WAF issue... she doesn't want to be digging around in menus just to find the few episodes of her shows that were recently added. 22:25:06 T:2876580928 DEBUG: CRecentlyAddedJob::UpdateTotal() - Running RecentlyAdded home screen update.

@Angelblue05 yes I till have this issue... that's exactly the problem I have.. the episodes listed are the same ones that have been added over a month ago.. any new episodes I add are not updating there..

This will likely lead to the episode not being added to the library. The recommendation is to use a space or underscore instead to separate the numbers for those files, e.g. Page updated for v17.

* Added : Button to start media in most lists. Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote v6.3.5. Что нового в 6.3.5? * Added : Update Tv Shows "Watch Next" to a new Overview format, expanded to Movies and Music.

Well, xbmc is known for it's horrible UI. Since update, no recently added option. Only genres, title. Year, in progress… stuff that I do not need. 'Recently added movies' and 'Recently added episodes' will show up again in the Confluence skin screens.

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OK, so I mapped a submenu shortcut to XBMC.ReloadSkin() and I tried changing the widget to recentepisodes instead of Recently Added Episodes, no dice. The widget doesn't update even after restarting Kodi.

All Topics Questions Ideas Problems Praise Updates. Create a new topic. Randy George April 11, 2014 21:15. XBMC Recently Added command code.

I bought the Minix X8H Plus recently after a lot of research hoping for an out... Miraculously, the add-ons started updating and were showed as enabled in the stock Minix XBMC. after kodi16 install addon successfully, then you need go back to minix xbmc, add all miss dependency again.

any chance to get an updated gotham build? THX sucram. Posts: 2,485 Joined: Mar 2013 Reputation: 209. RE: XBMC Gotham nightly - scraper not adding episodes.
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