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Hello,my wireless rooter is BELKIN G WIRELESS ROOTER .IN NETWORKCONNECTION IT SHOWS VALIDATING IDENTITY PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Try connecting computer to router by ethernet cable -- if it then works, it's a wireless problem, possibly with wireless security.

i setup wireless with WEP encryption at a few locations and all of the xp machines cant connect, they all get stuck on validating identiy. the It's more than this solution.Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere.Try it for free Edge Out The Competitionfor your dream job...

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However, since the certificate expired about a month ago, these wireless clients now receive an... They simply hang at the point where the it states "validating identity" and they don't connect. I was told that I need a new certificate. How can I go about connecting these laptops to this encrypted wireless...

I am sharing a secured wireless internet connection and the signal is strong. My system picks it up automatically and windows is managing my wireless called Intel I don't have a problem connecting to other wireless connections. WHen I try to connect it says it is validating identity. please I hope...

The problem we have is when the laptop tries to connect it gets as far as validating identity then disconnects. The certificates have the client authentication and server authentication roles added.

validating identity problem. ‎07-21-2011 11:33 PM. If you have a radius server and it has a certificate, you need to make sure that the client trusts the certificate. problem is: in order to run the command I need to successfully enable the console. i used the admin account password, which is...

I was having ALOT of problems with DNS time-outs with my new 160N Ver2..both on wired and wireless PCs. 3 tech "chats" did absolutely nothing to fix It lists the network (and others) but hangs on Validating Identity. I get an error "unable to find a certificate to log onto (my name) network."

Step (1) Double click on Wireless Network Connections icon from System Tray. It will open Wireless Network Connection Status window. Step (4) Select the network which has the problem from the Preferred Networks list. And click on Properties window.

Whenever i try to connect the status goes "Validating Identity". and afterwords tells me "unable to find a certificate to log you on" . Btw i use a acer TravelMate 5720. Update- i fixed it so now i can input my password for my wireless network key. But now it tries to load for a long time and doesn't work.

Checking the certificate of the access points we could verify that the certificate installed when it was manufactured, had indeed expired. If I set the time of the WLC back to September 25th of 2016, the access points would join prefectly, furthermore validating the certificate problem.

Find solutions to your validating identity wireless question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on validating identity wireless related issues. ...wireless connection kept telling me it couldnt validate my identity. I did what i read (on here) to do, and it stopped giving me that message.
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