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Clinical Data Management Best practices in handling data from clinical trials. Ofni Compliance Blog Resources and information straight from the Ofni team. Disambiguation: Clinical data validation means checking clinical data for correctness and completeness.

• Validate all programs and systems used for processing clinical trial data used in a clinical research environment (also refer to GCDMP Database Validation, Programming and Standards). • Provide vendor-specific training.

reporting clinical trial data.44. Describe the types of SAS programming tasks that you performed: Tables? The Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (MedDRA) has been developed as a pragmatic, clinically validated medical terminology with an emphasis on ease-of-use data entry...

One area of enhanced clinical trial conduct is believed to be available by moving from paper-based source documents to electronic source documents, that is, eliminating paper from clinical data capture, and collecting the information initially in a computer system.

"A delightful introduction to the field of clinical data validation and reporting! Data validation and error checking represent essential components in sound clinical trial management and report writing.

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Providing a seamless approach to validating your clinical trial data. While other software and consulting companies have developed their own approaches to systems validation and verification of clinical trial data, EPAM's automation framework ensures tech...
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