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I've enabled updating zone files dynamically and tested it with nsupdate nsupdate is successful and i can ping the new host. a journal file is created but it does not dump the new host to example.com zone file.

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7.2. Updating Zone Data Files. Something is always changing on your network -- new workstations arrive, you finally retire or sell the relic, or you After creating your zone data files initially, it should be fairly apparent what you need to change when you add a new host. We'll go through the steps here in...

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Each zone file may contain directives and resource records. Directives tell the nameserver to perform tasks or apply special settings to the zone. Resource records define the parameters of the zone and assign identities to individual hosts. Directives are optional, but resource records are required to...

Post by travis+ Apart from using Bernstein's tinydns, anyone have any scripts for looking for problems in zone files or for incrementing the serial number reliably? Check out BIND's named-checkzone and named-compilezone, depending on exactly what you are looking for. There are a number of command...
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