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You could think you don't have a chance at all, but really, you're completely missing all of the signs. It's trickier now because of all the technology that's been added in the dating game. The words "I'm fine" texted from a woman might as well me the two worst words ever.

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of seal the deal is. Person A: We went on our third date last night. Person B: Did you seal the deal? See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

Перевод текста песни Seal the Deal исполнителя (группы) Volbeat. Seal the Deal (оригинал Volbeat). Бьём по рукам (перевод Александр Киблер из Березовского Кемеровской обл).

seal the deal. To solidify, finalize, or decide upon an agreement or the terms thereof. I wasn't convinced at first, but it sealed the deal when he offered to include a 10-year warranty for free.

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Let us go to Copenhagen to seal the deal. Давайте поедем в Копенгаген, чтобы заключить соглашение. How many dates with a new lady friend before you try to seal the deal? Сколько у тебя было свиданий до того, как ты пытался скрепить сделку?

seal the deal. (idiomatic) To come to an agreement; to finalise the deal. 2014, Jamie Jackson, "Ángel di María says Manchester United were the 'only club' after Real", The Guardian, 26 August 2014: After completing a medical and the requisite paperwork on Tuesday to seal the deal...
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