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Ruston & Hornsby, later known as Ruston, was an industrial equipment manufacturer in Lincoln, England, the company's history going back to 1840.

Ruston & Hornsby was an industrial equipment manufacturer in Lincoln, England. They were most well known as a manufacturer of narrow and standard gauge diesel locomotives and steam shovels. They also built cars, steam locomotives and a range of internal combustion engines.

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Ruston Engines. Marine & Industrial Engine Information & Technical Data. Model. Cylinders. Water. Diesel. Ruston Hornsby. Vertical. 6APCM.

Ruston Hornsby 2YWA. Created On Thursday September 19, 2002 07:50. I have this engine installed in a 55 foot narrowboat, It starts very easily but smokes badly. I have had the injectors and bryce pumps re calibrated no major difference.

1927 Ruston and Hornsby. Size 9, class H. Compression ignition engine running on diesel. 12" bore, 21" stroke horizontal single cylinder. About 100 HP. RPM..

Road testing a Stirling engine powered buggy, (filmed in Norwich England, 2001). 11 сентября 1918 года компания объединилась с Ричардом Хорнсби и сыновьями Грантхама, чтобы стать Ruston и Hornsby Ltd (R & H). Хорнсби был мировым лидером в двигателях с тяжелой нефтью , строя...

For sale is my Ruston & Hornsby 1VTH Stationary Engine. Picking up from DN9 area. A facsimile reprint of the Ruston & Hornsby AP petrol-paraffin engine with a Bosch low-tension magneto - instruction book.

After World War I they attempted to diversify and one outcome was the Ruston-Hornsby car. Two versions were made, a 15.9 hp with a Dorman 2,614 cc engine and a larger 20hp model with 3308 cc engine of their own manufacture.

In 1918 Ruston acquired the business of Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham, who had produced the worlds first commercially successful oil engine in 1892 some In 1998 GEC ALSTHOM was floated on the stock market to create ALSTOM and Ruston became ALSTOM Engines, Ruston Division.

Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0DH No.429. Pre TOPS number: 429 'River Annan'/'Salty'. Construction year: 1961. Builder/Number: Ruston Hornsby (466618). Built in 1961, MOD No. 429 "River Annan" is a Ruston Hornsby LSSH 0-6-0DH (diesel hydraulic) shunting engine.
Изображение из клипа : Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0DH No.429 - Avon Valley Railway