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Welcome to the Register of practitioners (also known as the public register). If someone's name appears on this register, they are registered and can practise within the scope of their registration.

MLSCN Practitioners' Online Register for Up-to-Date MLS Practitioners. Instructions: This platform contains list of up-to-date Medical laboratory Practitioners up-till 2018-06-28. To continue, please enter your registration number and click on "Check Register".

Incorporation Date. 30th November 1995. Noncommercial Registered Agent. The company NATIONAL REGISTRY OF NATUROPATHIC PRACTITIONERS is managed by 8 persons in total.

The framework comprises a Code of Professional Conduct and Accreditation Criteria and Standards for dating agencies and dating practitioners. The Registry of Dating Agencies is a record of all accredited dating agencies.

The qualifications, experience and insurance requirements for registration in each category are listed in the Ministerial Determination dated 22 December 2017, gazetted on 10 January 2018. Current Registrations. For details of practitioners registered in each category see the Register of Building...

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