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mips64el_mips64. Imagination's MIPS64 architecture has been used in a variety of applications including game consoles, office automation and set-top boxes...

I was told mips64 IP22 support should be mostly functional, just it's been neglected for some time. Anyways, if there is anymore information needed, please advise.

MIPS64™ Architecture For Programmers Volume I: Introduction to the MIPS64™ Architecture. 2.4 Relationship between the MIPS32 and MIPS64 Architectures.

MIPS64™ Architecture For Programmers Volume III: The MIPS64™ Privileged Resource Architecture Table of Contents

После этого MIPS занялась продажей лицензий на 32-битную и 64-битную архитектуры MIPS32 и MIPS64. Процессоры SPARC.
Фото : Эволюция процессоров. Часть 4: архитектура RISC... -